20 July 2008

Seazones available 31st August

I have been talking to Mick Luff (skipper of Seazones) and his boat is available to book on Sunday 31st August. Myself and Simon are up to dive that day. We need at least 2 more divers to secure the boat.
If interested please post a comment ASAP. If we get four divers we can choose which wreck we dive.

Also the boat is free on Bank Holiday Monday 25th August. I won't be able to dive though as we are going away. If interested please let me know and I will pass it on to Mick.


Simon-T said...

Hi Ernie, yep definitely up for this. Is there a time? Come on you other MDers, sign up!!

Jimbob said...

Hello Ernie.
Count me in please

Chris-P said...

Sign me up Ernst!