27 July 2008

Team "Oh Pants" Skive Dive ~ Friday 22nd August

Myself and sean are on the skive with Channel Diver on Friday 22nd August to dive the Shirala & Indiana. Ropes off at 07.00am , £40 book on with Steve, 4 spaces left.
See you there!


Tracey said...

Was down to do that one - had to cancel tho as will be in Egypt- what a shame - not!! I skipping work on 19th to do Pentrych tho -not sure any spaces tho.

sheilab said...

Simon and I are now booked on this one. Thanks for the heads up.

Simon-T said...

Do I have to wear "Oh Pants"? And if so, from where does one procure them? Also please accept advance apologies for the miserable face, I'm not a morning person ;o)

matt said...

spot on it`ll be nice to dive with friends,welcome to team o`pants where the unbeliveable comes true ie you can pack your dive gear and something is always missing in the morning?
dive gremlins!

Tad said...

what a bummer I am in Egypt too which is a shame cos I always wanted to wear my pants over my drysuit. a prize of a melted snickers bar to the first one to be photographed on one of the wrecks doing this