18 July 2008


Hi all
i`m looking for 3 divers to fill my boats on bank holiday monday
1st dive;
meet in mulberry divers shop 07.45 to fill out forms and sign in
09.00 ropes off to dive the mixon hole @28-30m see dive sussex for description
2nd dive;
14.00 ropes off to dive far mulberries @9-10m a quaility classic dive LOADS of marine life a great bimble

the boat [rib] will return to shore so we can get refills and try the local pub for there excellent freshly caught fish and return at the end of the day for a debrief
for partners there is chichester,portsmouth nearby
the cost of these dives is £36 for the 2

1. matt PAID
2. sean PAID
3. gary PAID
4. chris
5 .anna PAID
6 .matt (anna`s hubby) PAID
7 .caroline PAID
reserve 1. trez
reserve 2.


Tad said...

would definately be there if I wasnt in Egypt Matt

Simon-T said...

Looking on the web-site these dives are now longer available. is that correct?

matt said...

i`ve booked both boats myself
and i have only 1 space left now

matt said...

Scratch that all fully booked now i`ll take reserves just in case