09 November 2008

Wanna 'Go Pro'?

Calling any divers who want to 'Go Pro'! One of our MDers is looking at going pro and it may be that others are also interested. In the PADI world going 'Pro' means getting your Divemaster qualification, but in practice , in terms of employment, relatively few Divemasters , even those 'at work' are actually employed or receive a wage. The same is true of many (but not all) PADI Instructors who to a considerable extent are not paid employees.

Of course, in the world of diving being a 'professional' has a much wider range of meaning. There are allsorts of professional divers who are not engaged with recreational diving instruction, such as research divers, media divers, commercial divers and police divers to name but a few. On top of that there are all kinds of different technologies beyond SCUBA involved in diving , surface supply being an eaxmple. So going 'Pro' offers huge potential beyong recreational instruction.

A starting place for professional diving is the HSE Scuba Diver qualification. This qualification allows employment in non-recreational instruction circumstances, for example taking part in a underwater media project. A different Codes of Practice and requirements applies to such work albeit it may be conducted on SCUBA. A cameraman or safety diver involved in a professional media project requires qualifications not available as part of PADI training for example.

Andark Diving offers the HSE SCUBA Diver course and an appropriate qualification would potentially open the door to wider diving experience and for employment or contracted work. If you are interested in this kind of development take a look at the following link:-


If you ever looked at underwater documentaries on television and thought 'I'd love to do that!' then may be you should be thinking about really going 'Pro'!


Matt said...

flipping heck did you read my mind,just need to finance it now

Tad said...

same here been thinming about this for a few years now and it seems Andaark have come up with a good price maybe a loan is in order

Chris-P said...

Might be a good investment! It's not THAT expensive and it's not TOO long a course! Your PADI quals will give you some 'advance credit' , maybe even your Chamber Visit Specialty!

Matt said...

we spoke to the technicians today and have never heard of what Aandark want as an HSE chamber familiarisation ticket although i srongly suspect it was what we done today.
Asfor advance quals i would like to complete the course with Steve as hopefully we`d try and work together so some more reasearch is in order as this isn`t the only facility in the country

Matt said...

oh don`t forget Tad i think Steve needs a team of 3 in the water.....fancy it?

Matt said...

this may help a bit more in depth than today

Matt said...

have a look at this as well

Tad said...

you bet I do will do whatever it takes

Matt said...

just got the brochure from Pro dive acadamey looks very good will let you know what its like