08 November 2008

Northern Cyprus ~ Maritime Heritage

Many divers will appreciate that Cyprus is currently governed by two different states with their respective territories separated by a United Nations 'Buffer Zone'. A presentation made to the Nautical Archaeology Society at their 2008 Annual Conference by Assistant Professor Matthew Harpster emphasised how this situation created a highly peculiar legal situation in respect of Maritime Heritage & archaeology. To try to resolve this situation Prof Harpster had designed a training course for Cypriots. The political situation dictated that the course be presented in the UN "Buffer Zone" as this encouraged citizens of both parts of Cyprus to participate. The course was developed using advice provided by the Nauitical Archaeology Society. Prof Harpster showed a photograph of the students on his course, many were UK ex-patriots but there were divers from both the Greek and Turkish sides of the island.

The island of Cyprus has many maritime heritage sites and it's very encouraging to see that training is being provided to local divers. So it was good to see Ghengis, an Instructor who trained locally in East Sussex and who now operates a diving centre in Northern Cyprus standing amongst the Group! Well done Ghengis for taking part. (Ghengis is in centre of the front row, dressed all in blue denim).

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Tad said...

nice one Ghengis good to see you up there on the screen supporting the UW heritage in Cyprus