20 November 2008

City of Waterford- Sunday 16th November

Well it looks like its fallen to the man of few words to write up this cracking dive. The famous five went out after lashings of ginger beer and shouts of "come diving John Sergent all is forgiven." After a nice choppy ride out to the site on seazones, accompanied by our two techy friends that insisted on shouting huey duey and louis over the side, we arrived at the wreck and were met by Channel Diver, who had dropped a shot line already saving us a job. The A-team (A.K.A Silver tongued 007 Sean, Mish Money Penny Tracey and Tres - Destroyer of all things good and holy!)dropped in and with 3-4m vis it became apparent that this was going to be a great dive and we swam over the hull, and it was at this point Sean was seen to be wrangling with a giant conger eel shouting whose your daddy now! Ok maybe not, but it was nice to see such an abundance of Marine life including bib, pollack, bream, crab and the conger eel, which sean watched respecfully from a distance, hiding behind Tracey! All to soon it was time to deploy the SMB and work our way back to Seazones. Once back on board we eagerly awaited Matt's report, knowing him to be a useful source of information for future divers only to find that he and Steve decided at 30m that the wreck had disappeared in a freak underwater storm-Matt, wrong location for the Bermuda triangle mate! Never mind he consoled himself with more lashings of ginger beer and wuvly wuvly scones - cheers Mick. As for Matt's buddy Steve, what can we say great drive from London and who knows ...next time mate-go get em tiger!
Original report written by sean as follows: " it was a great dive , went down, got wet, came back, lovely" New report edited by Anna!


Tad said...

makes me wish I could of made it I think conger wrangling should be a new sport. Nice one

Jimbob said...

Sounds good, wish I could havemade it. Hope to be on the next one.

Chris-P said...

You're just so bloody verbose in your reports these days Sean , bring back the old Sean I say . Of course I'd rather use a 1000 words AND a picture myself, so I reckon I know a thing or two about verbosity! A diver I once knew used to write masses in his log book , for example "OK Dive" was a favourite write-up of his. Inspired minimalism!