04 November 2008

Seazones 16th November 2008

Is anyone interested in diving from Seazones on Sunday 16th November, one dive at a cost of £20.00. We need 6 divers at least to secure the boat at this price. If you are interested post a comment and any preference of what you would like to dive.

1. Ernie
2. Tracey
3. Therese
4. Steve L (City of Waterford)



Chris-P said...

Excellent idea ...but I can't make that date.

Tracey said...

Pretty sure I can do. Stick me down

Steve L said...

I'm up for it. Stick me down. How about city of Waterford?

sheilab said...

Welcome on Board Tracey, Therese and Steve L. 2 more to go and we can secure the boat.
City of Waterford is on the list Steve.

Steve L said...

I'm with Sean at the moment and he would like to come to. Thanks S