03 November 2008

Dive Pembrokeshire (Fishguard) 13/14th June 2009

To be able to secure the boat at this years prices, we need 12 divers @ £80.00 per person for 4 dives. So far the following have expressed an interest:

1.Steve L
2. Tracey
3. Therese
4. Tad
5. Ernie
6. Sheila

You will be responsible for booking your own accommodation (we have details of B & B's) and will need to pay your £80.00 as soon as the boat is full.
We would be diving with Celtic Diving and their web site is http://www.celticdiving.co.uk/ You will find plenty of information and videos to tempt you.
If you are interested please post a comment.


Anna said...

I would have love to have come on that weekend however it is my Daughters 2nd birthday and my name would be well and truely mud if i go swanning off- i know you should all rearrange then entire weekend just to suit me...no not such a plan, you got try tho!!!

Simon-T said...

Sorry from me too. Paris Air Show starts on 15th. Blooming work beckons.

Chris-P said...

Sorry folks - I can no longer make it!