29 November 2008

So how was your diving this year?

Despite the weather I have managed 48 dives this year. Had my last one on Thursday and will start up again next year now, as December is sooo busy. It would be nice to see what all you MDers and OVers have achieved. This is what I did:
1 dive in Belgium, Nemo 33
25 dives in UK sea
2 dives in The Med, Corfu
5 dives in The Red Sea, Taba
9 dives in Wraysbury
2 dives in NDAC, Chepstow
2 dives in Vobster
2 dives in Stoney.
Many thanks to all my buddies and fellow divers, my best dive year by far!!!

Linda managed 1 dive in The Med and 2 in The Red Sea
Matthew, son, managed 5 dives in The Red Sea
Megan, daughter, managed 1 dive in Thailand and 2 dives in The Red Sea

And you??


Tad said...

pretty good show Simon this has been the worst year for me as far as quantity of dives go but as far as quality I have done some of the best South Coast UK dives ever.

Matt said...

70 dives this year so far......
10 in Marsa alam
15 in inland sites
1 in a chamber
some training
the rest in south coast
some awesome diving this year as Tad said real quality diving on the coast
roll on 2009!

prometheus said...

Not sure exactly as I don't write a log up all the time and haven't downloaded the comp, but about 50/60 , 50/50 split between UK and Med, got another 8 lined up from Monday in Spain, and maybe another couple if the weather is ok in the UK before the year is out.

Jimbob said...

Everyone's said this has been a terrible year weather-wise but seem to have clocked up plenty of dives. I'm wondering what a good year would be like. Hopefully we'll find out next year.

Matt said...

The weather has been bad but if your prepared to have a go,the diving has been pretty damn good IMHO.
if the weather improves next year,fingers crossed,we could really rack some dives up,i`ll be looking to do some more shore dives because for some strange reason everyone with a boat is putting there prices up due to fuel increase??!
So newhaven is a place i`d like do dive more along with some other places
any other suggestions for good shore dives?

Jimbob said...

True Matt. The Fortuna and the Waterford dives I've done this year were excellent and the best viz I'd had on those wrecks. Hopefully it's not over yet either.

Chris-P said...

Well done to Jimbob for the positive approach! There IS plenty of diving to be done and loads of ot locally ~ just to got to get stuck in! (Says he with a feeble 36 dives this year!)