20 November 2008

Stoney Cove - 27 Novembrrrrrrrrr!

Hi all nutters

A few of us got together last night and after a number of hours deliberation, it has been decided that we will aim to meet at Stoney around 10-10.30 (dependant on traffic!)

For those who wish to drive up in convey, Matt & co are meeting me & co at the 6.45am (must be mad) at the BP garage at bottom of A23 (where it meets (A27)

It does seem that MD/OV divers will be storming in and taking over Stoney that day but what the hell - come and join us- the more the merrier!

See you there


Anna said...

Bring it on Tracey, am looking forward to 'burny' face when you first jump in! See you later.

Tad said...

Looks like I will be meeting you lot somewhere on the Motorway cos Billy no mates here lives so far away from the madding crowd I will have to make a seperate journey.
I think we should have a "burny" face competition

Tracey said...

You not cheating & using your full face mask? You could bring it with you and hire it out - you could earn a fortune.

Tad said...

I will bring full face along if anyone wants to try it

Simon-T said...

Count me in please. I'll meet you all there.