12 November 2008

BBC Programme ~ Oceans

I'm probably (no, I am ) very biased but I thought the BBC coverage of the TRT work was more engrossing than the BBC2 programme 'Oceans' broadcast this evening. And, even if that is a somewhat minority view, I imagine that many will think the first 'Oceans' programme to be pretty lightweight! Lots of giggly fun and I'd have been really happy to be joining-in , but, what was it actually trying to achieve? One whale gives a breath sample and it wasn't even driving! I suppose that after the major success of 'Blue Planet' and 'Coast' I have come to expect a lot! I'll be watching the reviews with interest!

I'm hoping that there will be more substance in future episodes. It's becoming quite tiresome in diving programmes to have the participants keep telling us how dangerous it all is and how worried they become when the comms fail. Comms failure? We don't even have comms to start with!

Come on MDers , get those HSE Scuba Diver quals and get out there on those expeditions!


Steve L said...

Hear hear Chris, yes some nice stuff but I couldn't help feeling it was all a bit of a jolly for the people involved. Oh and yes it must be very scary for a so called highly experienced diver diving on a rebreather with a cameraman and at least 2 safety divers to lose coms with the surface... More like the control freaks (invisible production crew) at the surface couldn't hear what was happening! and don't they realise that Wednesday is club night for at least two reputable uk dive clubs... how inconsiderate!
Come on HSE is the way to go.

sean g said...

But we are looking at it from a divers view.i talked to people at work who do not dive and they think its great

Matt said...

come on guys anything to highlight the carnage being devastated on our oceans should be a good thing.
it`s hardly Meridian divers footage,so as we can`t be tv all the time, some diving on the box is better than nothing

Chris-P said...

Yep, can't be all that bad , Harry Hill broadcast a few sections on his TV Burp!
It IS some undersea video and as a result I'll probably try to catch the programmes , but it's in a different league to some other BBC natural history work. Looks like a fun trip to be on even if it's purpose is unclear at the moment, nevertheless it won't do any harm for recruiting novice divers!