11 November 2008

Update - 16th November Seazones

All 6 divers requesting spaces are booked on to Seazones (2 spaces available if ayone else wants to join us). The plan is to dive the City of Waterford. Meet Newhaven Marina 10:00. Ropes of 10:45. Dive 12:30ish. Back in port 15:00ish.
Weather looks good at the moment and I will check with Mick Saturday afternoon and text you all to confirm on or off.


sean g said...

Oh good looking forward to it

Jimbob said...

Curse you, you fiends!
I can't make it.
Hope you have a great dive.

Anna said...

I am glad you are all able to dive I will think of you albeit through gritted teeth as I spend that delightful quality family time! Have a good one and bring back some nice piccys

Jimbob said...

How was it?