09 November 2008

Big Anchors !

Since I have been diving I have certainly come across some big anchors! Some in the water, some not! Some have left a lasting memory on me whilst others fade amongst all the lesser anchors it has been my lot to observe!

You might be forgiven for thinking that it's not worth dwelling too long upon the anchors we chance to encounter but you might be wrong! The NAS is soon to launch the :-


and everyone is invited to photograph & record anchors to populate a lottery funded database. Of course being something of an anorak I will send a few photos in to their website which you can check out by clicking HERE!

May be Meridian Divers should have it's own competion for Christmas that can tie-in with this project? Perhaps a prize for identifying the biggest anchor on any of the boats we've dived from?

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And as this post has caught you're collective imaginations, I'll add a silly challenge. The Big Anchor below was photographed at a major port in Europe! Readers can add a comments with guesses as to country and then when that is established comments to identify the City / Port can be added. The winner is the first comment to identify the City/Port! The prize will be a drink at the next appropriate MD Meeting!


Tad said...

doesnt look like the link is working Chris

Jimbob said...


Chris-P said...

Thanks Tad & Jinbob ....I think I have repaired it! But now that you have shown interest I'll add a challenge!

Tad said...

Newcastle of Marseille

Chris-P said...

Interesting first 'bids' Tad, neither are a Country but as it's you, I'll let you aim straight for the City/ Port ... nice tries ( I think I can see where you're coming from) but both wrong!

sheilab said...

How about Croatia ?

sheilab said...

My choice is Norway

Simon-T said...


Chris-P said...

Looks like my drink is still safe! No, not Croatia or Norway, or indeed the Alaskan city of Anchorage , though there and some big anchors in that region, you've only to ask Sarah Palin.