03 November 2008

Skive Dive Society ~ Blanefield Wreck 29th October

A freezing cold Wednesday 29th October saw two of Meridian Divers most prolific skivers (Simon and Ernie) loading their kit on Channel Diver . As she slipped out into the icy seas, much stamping of feet and muttering of brass monkeys was heard.
At the site the shot was as usual expertly placed by Steve. Simon and I then slipped beneath the waves. At 12 metres the light was failing fast and on reaching the bottom at 34 metres it was dark.
The water clarity was quite good so with torches we could see well. We made our way around the stern and back over the decks to the boilers and engines. The wreck was covered with a thick blanket of fish and large lobsters were seen.
All too soon it was time to make our ascent. On reboarding Channel Diver it soon became very obvious that it was warmer in the water than out! A few snow flurries gave us the hint, but Steve came to the rescue with a very welcome cup of soup.
The second dive was under Brighton Pier. Not much to report apart from a very startled eel.


Chris-P said...

Glad to hear it was a good 'un. A great to see so much late-season diving. Get it right and the vis in colder water can be rewarding!

Simon-T said...

I really enjoyed that dive Ernie. Thanks for sorting it, soup never tasted better. Sorry for the delay in responding, as you know i have been away. Can't believe the number of subjects that have been posted! Cheers.