25 November 2008

Stoney Cove ~ To Go or Not To Go??

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, Sean, Matt, Anna and I are no longer able to make it this Thursday (promise you all valid reasons and nothing to do with Mr Frost greeting us each morning!)

We have thought about re-arranging but I have just spoken to Tad and he and Simon are still going. As Tad is bit out on a limb where he lives, car sharing would not be easy but you could still meet up. Please either contact Tad direct or add comment to blog.

Sorry guys, will try & set something else up soon - still Tad's Soup Dragon Dive to look forward to.

Look forward to your report guys


Tad said...

Just to let you know Simon and I are still venturing to stoney cold
some people are made of sterner stuff excuses excuses we all know a bit of frost on the ground can deter some people but Taylor of the Artic has persuaded me to go
video and report will follow.

Anna said...

Hey tad, I am there with you in spirit, unfortunately my childcare has come unstuck and although I could use my daughter as an SMB I think that the authorities now frown on that practice!So gutted I am. I'm also not going to be able to come to the berwick arms tomorrow, so see you at the dinner all.

Matt said...

sorry guys i need the cash so will be working myself into an early grave,have a safe journey and a good day.
i also will not be attending the meeting coz for some reason demands have been made on my presence being at OV presentation evening,oooohhhhh mysteries???
so my humble apologies to all

Gary S said...

Me and Terry are still going..

Tad said...

great Terry and Gary trouble is dont know what you look like if you ask Matt he will give you my number so we can catch up at Stoney if you txt or call

Anna nothing wrong in using a kid as an SMB I think its still legal in Mongolia so just plead ignorance
See you at the dinner

Gary S said...

No probs, I am seeing matt tonignt at OV.