27 November 2008

Plymouth trip ~ 5-7th June 09

just a quick one here first to gauge who wants in on this trip.
The trip is the same one i sorted this year for the absurd deal of £135 for the whole deal with Steve details here http://scyllareefdivecharter.co.uk/DIVE-CHARTER-PLYMOUTH-MOUNTBATTEN
12 divers in total but as promised the divers that were with me in October have first refusal so can i have those names first then i throw it open to all
2. Sean
3. Tracy
4. Anna
5. Steve
6. George
7. Caroline


Tracey said...

Add me & Sean please Matt

Steve L said...

Me to please Matt.

Anna said...

Me three please Matt

Simon-T said...

Please could you put me down on the "throw it open to all list", please Matt my old mate, my old buddy! Linda would come along too as surface cover (shopping and waiting in the pub, really!)

Matt said...

ok Simon let the rest say yay or nay then were off
Trez has asked to go on aswell