12 November 2008

Meridian Divers ~ Back on the BBC South East!

It can't be long before we have our own dressing rooms at BBC South East! Yes, Meridian Divers were back on the telly - again!

The BBC South East programme ran the story of our success in the NAS Adopt-a-Wreck Awards and used some of the 'footage' from the 'Mr Jack ' dive!

[Expired link removed as no longer current! - Blast!]
Oh! And our award was on the BBC radio too!


Anna said...

Fame, Fame at last what can I say, I am sure that crie of 'Don't you know who I am' will soon be resonating throughout the berwick arms on the next meeting!

Anna said...
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Tad said...

the link is no longer crrent the clipwas shown this morning and lunchtime but not on evening news

Tad said...

Anna arent you already famous I thought you were a bit of a Demi Moore lookalike

Chris-P said...

BBC link removed Tad! Won't be long before we're back in the news!

Anna said...

Tad Flattery will gets you everywhere- I knew my superstardom preceeded me!!