31 January 2007

Planet Divers MSDT Victim of US Visa Scam

Dustin, Master Scuba Diver Trainer at Planet Divers, Eastbourne has been the victim of a major visa scam in the United States.

A US company promised to help secure visas and to help with the legal paperwork needed for Dustin to buy a diving equipment shop in Naples, on the Florida coast.



Anonymous said...

No wonder Dustin looks glum in the picture , hopefully the Sun will have paid him for the family shot Papers always seem to pay the bad guys , why not the vitims!

Dustin said...

I just can’t tell you what this has done to me and my family! We are now about to lose our house and I have also lost my job (Paying job) as a result of all the scumbag that has done thin to us.

I wish I had been paid by the Sun but they did not offer anything looks like the crooks get it again.

Let’s hope I get a change soon.



Chris-P said...

Dustin, I hope you get a break, I can't imagine the hardships this scam must have caused. I hope someone is trying to prosecute him as we speak but I know that doesn't make things easier for you.