13 January 2007

Diving D Day Wrecks in Northern France

Last year , chatting with Steve Johnson of Channel Diving , several of us were keen to look at diving the northern coast of France.

The following taken from the Channel Diver website outlines the prices if you join the boat in France :-

Courceulles, Port en Bessin, St Vaast or Cherbourgh:
6 Day Diving Holidays, Diving the D Day wrecks of France in the Baie De Seine
All trips are based on a minimum of 10 divers & a maximum of 12
6 Days Diving - £350 per person, 10 Divers (plus accommodation & food)
6 Days Diving - £330 per person, 11 Divers (plus accommodation & food)
6 Days Diving - £325 per person, 12 Divers (plus accommodation & food)

We'd need to cost out the travel to France , B&B etc but what an opportunity. Steve's boats are big catamaran's and ideal for trips of this scale.

This WON'T happen unless there is enough interest to make it happen. Prospects were discussed at the last meeting. If you are of the mind to spend that much time / money on a French trip add a comment. Getting a suitable date is always the hard bit , but unless it's planned early it's never going happen!

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Chris-P said...

31/1/07 - Not looking good , not many enthusiasts!