11 January 2007

Hello !

Hello everyone we have finally managed to work the technology and get logged on to the site. Its amazing there are so many members on the site!

It was so nice to see everyone at the Christmas Party and keep up the brilliant work. Nick and I are training for the London Marathon which is at the end of April. But after that we are really looking forward to doing some fun diving !

Alexxx and Nick


Chris-P said...


Welcome aboard! I know when you guys have won all the marathon medals you'll want to get wet again! There's a lot of ocean out there!

Kiwi Rob said...

Marathon?! Bugger that, sounds harder than diving Peel Castle too late as the tide is going out...

*Some* of you know what I'm talking about ;-)

scuba-ski said...

Hi you two,
This new Blog is a great way to keep in touch. Did not have your e mail address to send congratulations on your wedding, so sending them now.
Good luck with the marathon.
If we get back to England we will get in touch, or if you get a chance to get out to snowy France or Sunny Ibiza it would be great to see you.
All the best,
Pete and Lyn, Scuba-Ski.

Alex and Nick said...

Hello nice to hear from you... Its your fault Nick and I ever met in the first place! Mum and Dad are now planning there trip to the Med on there new boat Monchu it’s a Swede 45, not sure if they had it when you left or not. It’s a bit more luxurious than Good in Tension the toilet works for starters! Think they plan to leave England after the London Marathon and sail slowly towards the Med, not sure where they will end up. I have given them your new email address, wonder if we can meet up somewhere hot one day?

scuba-ski said...

Hey you guys, we are usually at fault, but this time, we're sure it's for a good reason.
We would love to meet up with you guys some day, and so keep in touch.
Great news that the toilet on Monchu works, but tell us, has it got a door or have they sold out to comfort?
If you want to check out all that we do now, have a look at our web site www.scuba-ski.com
Please say hi to any of the divers that we muually know, as well as your Mum and Dad.
Cheers, Pete and Lyn,Scuba-Ski.

Chris-P said...

Ahhh! Match makers eh? Didn't know that! This hands-across-the-sea blog stuff is like a Divers Reunited site! Shall we place bets on who will be the first to marry having met on the blog!

Tad said...

Chris Will you marry me

Chris-P said...

Certainly Tad, I think I need to be the Captain of a ship or a registrar to do the job properly! Which reminds , do you think we'll get to Sea this year :-)

Tad said...

we'll get to sea I have no doubts this is going to be a bumper year for everything we have planned.

Mind you after the last few days I shouldnt think there will much in the way of wrecks standing up right on the sea floor