15 January 2007

Diving News Stories

Just found a useful site for upto date diving related news stories from across the world and the UK. May be useful as Meridian Divers seems to be going global.

Go to www.cdnn.info/



Jimbob said...

Interesting, thanks.
I like this report
"PADI opposed to new dive safety proposal
PADI, a California-based company that lobbies against environmental and public safety regulations, has expressed strong opposition to recommendations by a Sydney coroner aimed at enhancing diver safety"

So that's what they do.

Jimbob said...

Actually I noticed an article condemning Leigh Bishop as a criminal. Which is interesting. Here's what Leigh Bishop thinks of CDNN
Looks like a warzone.

Kiwi Rob said...

Interesting site, makes me wish I was out on or in the water rather than sitting in my 36th floor IT dungeon!

Ah, I always wondered what PADI actually did...

Chris-P said...


PADI have a lot on their plate - I think you're forgetting how much work is involved in keeping my bank balance as low as it is! They put every effort into their work and are never slow in billing me!

Chris-P said...

They may bill me but I'll have the last laugh - when I turn up at the 2007 Members Forum I'm gonna put sugar in my coffee. I don't take sugar but it inside I'll know I'm getting some of money back! They won't know what's hit them!

Tad said...

Thanks Jim
Just checked out Leigh Bishops page.
Got to admit when I saw rhe article on him I thought it a bit strange knowing some of the work he has done and how well respected he is in the UK.

I know who I believe and that is Leigh Bishop

Kiwi Rob said...

Chris, I wouldn't feel sorry for $PADI, in NZ an OW course costs $600, that's like paying GBP600 in the UK! All they do is times the US rate by the local exchange rate!

Chris-P said...

Somehow Rob we ought to be shipping Kiwi's to Egypt or the UK to do their training - gotta be a better deal for them!