14 January 2007

Brighton Pier Above and Below

In the Ideas pool at the last meeting I think it was Alan that mentioned doing a project around Brighton Pier.

Well an idea has sprung to mind and it could be something that we could publicise and perhaps open up to other divers. I suggest a photo competition which could be held over 1 or 2 days organised by us and perhaps get some sort of co-operation from Brighton pier owners, The Argus and Brighton City Council, and maybe get a sponsor for the prizes.

Obviously we cant plan the weather and Viz but if we look at doing something around August we could stand a better chance of good conditions.

There could be 2 categories

1) Below the pier (underwater)

2) On the pier or sea level.

How we organise the formatting of the shots ie digital /film developing would need to be discussed along with who will judge the competition.

I know there are some pretty good snappers amongst us so the competition could be hot.

Any thoughts,ideas, suggestions good idea, bad idea?



Kiwi Rob said...

I used to love diving Brighton Pier, it's like un underwater junk shop, might be a bit far to come, though :-)

Tad said...

I still love it when I ever I get a bit short of cash a quick dip under the pier can come up trumps.