13 January 2007

Recompression Chamber Awareness ~ 4th February

I am now getting a flow of names interested in this visit. To tease out the committed ones it is now a case of getting your cheques to me asap! The Awareness Course is £40 and if you want the PADI Certification Card it's a further £15.

I will add on this post the ORDER in which the cheques are received, that order will be the priority for a place. There are a maximum of eight places!

13th Jan - The Chamber have confirmed our booking for 4th February (gradually getting there !)

22nd Jan - List updated !

27th Jan - Trip FULL!

1. Chris P
2. Clinton N
3. Mandy G
4. Paul G
5. Simon T
6. John D
7. Paul R
8. Andy R


Chris-P said...

18/1/07 ~ Come along now you fine divers, get your fingers out! First trip of the year and the spaces are not yet full! All sorts of promises but co-location of mouth & money is required!

Newhaven Divers said...

Hi there Chris-P, still not shure as to my position in February but will contact you by mob as soon as i know this info. Looks like we nearly got A NEW Wreck down sout...

Chris-P said...

Know the feeling , come March I may be in the same position!