29 January 2007

Seasearch ~ Fish ID Course

Sussex Seasearch are promoting a Specialist course - "An introduction to fish ID" , this is NOT to be confused with the PADI Specialty not least as the course is being presented by
Dr Frances Dipper, author of the book: “British Sea Fishes”.

The course will run from 10am to 5pm on Sunday 25th March at the Hastings Shipwreck & Coastal Heritage Centre. Cost £30.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis by the organiser. If you are interested add a comment / email me ASAP. I intend to go.

Planning to attend:-
1. Chris-P
2. Tad
3. Jimbob
4. Matt C
5. Shiela B
6. Ernie B


Tad said...

add me

Chris-P said...

you are added!I'll send you details

Jimbob said...

Yes please Mr Chris P.

Jimbob said...

Matt C has applied for this course too.

Chris-P said...

I'm gonna book up for a "Matt C identification course" I think they are an endangered species , you certainly see much of them these days:-)

Sheila Benson said...


Please add me & Ernie.


Chris-P said...

Sheila , contact info emailed to you! C