05 January 2007

Meridian Divers UK Challenge ~ MDUKC

Over a coffee on a very dull January day a couple of MerDs (short for Meridian Divers, NOT to be confused with a similar sounding French word) thought "How do we encourage divers to go diving?" Of course we had no clear ideas to this age old problem and typically a problem considered on dull January days. So in the absence of an idea we thought we'd initiate the MDUKC. Put simply it's a squash ladder without the squash and, of course, no ladder either. So it's a "Who will do the most UK dives in 2007?" challenge.

No doubt will think of some trophy for the MDUKC , may be we'll ask Andy to engrave another ship's bells or something ! The rules are simple , who does the most open water dives in the UK in 2007, but dives must be logged , & be not less than 20 minutes duration, they can be in the Sea , in fresh water , from boats or the shore but NO Brighton Marina dives can be included unless undertaken on rebreathers!

Divers can post their number of qualifying dives on this blog any time before Midnight 31st December 2007 . The diver posting the most will be asked to show the logs, if they don't pass muster , the next highest has to show his/her log book until the Champion is found!

You can post as much / often as you like , so if you want to show-off your total and challenge the MerDs , you can add your (growing) total every week. I'll start the ball rolling ......

Chris P as at 5/1/07 has done ZERO qualifying dives ... game , er , on!

Diving Diva did 70 UK dives in 2006 - good score DD, but wrong year!!!


Tad said...

are you both sure its merds not nerds?

Chris-P said...

Phew, I wondered where you were going with That !

Jimbob said...

I'm on Zero and looking out of the window I expect I will stay at zero for some time.

Jimbob said...

Is there an official collective noun for Meridian divers? How about the No Degrees or the Zeros?

Chris-P said...


I used the term MerDs but it's not too graceful is it? But a one syllable words go to be favourite?

Tad's puttiong together a puddle trip , here's your chance to break your 'zero'!

Tad said...

How about the 3 Degrees