04 January 2007

PADI Specialty ~ Recompression Chamber Awareness

This post reproduced from the T R Thompson Blog because I need to find more participants if this is to go ahead . I'll probably make a yes/no decision in a weeks time , or thereabouts!.

I have organised two previous trips to a recompression chamber in London for divers to undertake a 'dry' dive (or a ‘pot’ dive as some call it)!Everyone who has taken part has said they found it a good day out, and for those wanting an unusual PADI Specialty certification this is a super opportunity.I'm making preliminary enquiries about a trip on Sunday 4th February. If you are interested let me know / add a comment.


Simon-T said...

Hi Chris,
Yes, I would be interested in going. Do you have any further info, times, etc. Thanks.

Chris-P said...


It's first come first served now - I have emailed you the details (basic) the first 8 to get their cheques to me (payable to the chamber) will get first refusal. Fairest way , 'cos as ever some put there name down and then are not so sure when it comes to cheques!!! (not ,of course, you sir!!)