24 January 2007

Channel Diving ~ Early Season Wreck Dives

For info , here are the scheduled dives for March & April. Of course the weather may be doubtful so the early birds may not get the worms. But late birds certainly won't get any worms!


SAT 3rd B'ton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 8.00
SUN 4th B'ton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 10.00
FRI 9th B'ton IKEDA 26 7.00
SAT 17th B'ton TR THOMPSON 34 8.00
SAT 31st B'ton QUAIL 45 9.00

MON 2nd B'ton BRAUNTON 36 10.00
WED 4th B'ton ARIEL 32 11.00
FRI 6th E'bourne OCEANA - P & O Liner 28 12.15
SAT 7th E'bourne ALAUNIA - Cunard Liner 36 7.45
SUN 8th E'bourne LALEN MENDI 33 8.15
MON 9th E'bourne SEAFORD FERRY 45 8.15
WED 11th B'ton MOLDAVIA 50 9.00
FRI 13th B'ton CITY OF WATERFORD 33 7.00
SAT 14th B'ton CITY OF LONDON 30 8.00
SUN 15th B'ton LONGSHIPS TRIMIX 63 15.00
MON 16th B'ton FORTUNA 34 9.30
WED 18th B'ton PENTRYCH 25 11.00
FRI 20th B'ton UNIDENTIFIED WRECK 36 11.30
SAT 21st B'ton TR THOMPSOM 34 13.30
MON 23rd B'ton TYCHO 33 8.45
WED 25th B'ton WARILDA 50 10.00
FRI 27th E'bourne VILLE DE BORDEAU & IRISBROOK 48 8.15
SAT 28th E'bourne HMS ARIADNE 28 8.15
SAT 28th E'bourne OCEANA - P & O Liner 25 15.15

I'm looking to do the ones highlighted in red!


Jimbob said...

I'm in for the highlighted dives.

Tad said...

I'm in for April

Simon-T said...

please put me down for 21st and 28th of April. Thanks

Chris-P said...

Simon, best to contact Channel Diving direct to book a place.

Simon-T said...

Tad, Do you fancy buddying up for the two dives in April?

Tad said...

Hi Simon
That would be great perhaps we

Anonymous said...

Perhaps indeed!

Simon-T said...

Go on then Tad, finish the sentence. I can't take the suspence!!

Anonymous said...

Such a tease that Tad, like to keep the divers guessing!