18 January 2007

MSC Napoli ~ Nearly one for the divers!

The raging storms of 18th January looked close to providing us with a new dive site :-


Luckily they did not! The ship is listed as carrying a 'dangerous cargo' and that's the last thing we want washing around in the clear(er) waters of Cornwall!

Not looking so good now from an environmental point of view:-



Kiwi Rob said...

Would have made a cool wreck dive, though...

Want clearer water, Chris? Try the Isle Of Man. When I first took Frank there, we went to Peel Breakwater, about 10m deep. His jaw dropped and he said "I...I can see the bottom!".

Just don't go just after a storm!

Actually, that trip was the only one where I've ever seen birds underwater...

On a later trip, Sam, Frank and I spent 10 minutes laying on the seabed nose-to-nose with a seal :-)

Sara B missed that one out, there's a story there, if you ask her!

Chris-P said...

I getting more envious by the minute, tales of NZ were 'bad' enough but now IoM stories as well! Where have I been going so badly wrong! I'm starting to think 'so many sites - so little time' thoughts. I'm gonna try an feel better by saying I have some lovely seal dives in the Farne Islands and off Lundy Island, but more = better!

Diving Diva said...

Ah but I did mention IOM as a possible trip!! its a great place....Diving Diva

Chris-P said...

Ah yes, you did mention it , shame you didn't mention it before the the last time you went :-) , still you can redeem yourself by organising another trip!