14 January 2007

News from Oz ~ Robbo!

Robbo is struggling with the technology but I'm sure will be able to add his own news soon! (Update: Yep, he's now cracked it!) So here on his behalf is his news of today!

I am just trying to get my head around this blog stuff.

I had a recent Diving Experience in Merimbula NSW 2007. I managed to get the wife in the water diving (Yeah ,Yeah I know she's the only one who will dive with me). We or I decided that the dives would be local shore dives. Caroline wanted to do the Tasman Hauler a 30 metre boat dive (which is a good dive although I only did it the once this time). However I digress, The two dives we did together were in a water temp of 17-18C max depth about 15 metres around the Wharf a popular fishing spot locally.

Lovely giant stride into the blue of the rocks, a few problems with the weight but nothing to worry about. Plenty of fish, shoals of the buggers, who knows what type they were?
The dive goes down in a series of 3 steps and the ridges run west to east so you would have to be a complete dick to lose your way. Vis was 15 metres approx but not bad for an estuary. the only thing I felt troubled with was the pinging sound the local spear fishermen make firing their arrows.

Caroline performed very well since she had not been in the water for nearly 3 years with her suit on. Needs a bit of practice dumping air but who does'nt (ME I Suppose). I as usual got some good snaps with the digital, but the technology is defeating me transfering them to the computer thingy. I will work on that.

I managed to dive the Tasman Hauler again and this time did a penetration of the wreck, it was tight in some of the companionways and contary to popular belief there are obstructions and snags and bits hanging down and once a boat load of divers go through the vis is non existent. No fish on the wreck and a bit cool in the water a distinct thermo at 10 metres. I naturally was wearing my hood and a new 5mm one all in one (splashing out) but my guide was a skinhead he looked a bit blue. I was tempted to use the dry suit but the temp in the boat was 30C that day. A bit warm.

Anyway other news, the fires are still on, an area the size of wales burnt plus a lightning strike started a blaze about 3 kms from us. No worries the wind is drawing it south. I have picked out the emergency generator that i want. Caroline say's, is that thing really necessary! Women! they don't like mechanicals.

Big news, we are returning to Blighty this year, the whole family. Leaving Oz on the 23rd of June (confirmed) arriving 22nd ish then off up to the north east to see the folks for a week before driving down to the south east to catch up with others. Going back to the southern hempishere on the 21st of July.


Robbo ~ I'm sure we'll get you wet if we get our hands on you!


Robbo said...

Testing the water

Robbo said...

Testing Testing

Chris-P said...


Well done , you have made it through the technical tangle to be a Meridian Diver Blog Author! You can now log onto the blog and post-away as well as add comments! Luckily (knowing you Geordie boys) I have two big buttons "Edit" & "Delete" ...oh the power!

Kiwi Rob said...

Still think I'm the furthest away ;-)

Chris-P said...

This could be a 'tape measures at dawn' challenge! Mind you I think you may well be correct, are you on the north or south side of town;-)