02 February 2007

News from DAN

Dear Diving Friend,

If you have not yet made plans for the festive period around April 7-8, 2007, we have a good and unusual suggestion for you to use some of your free time diving as well as learning about the safety of diving!

DAN Europe organized a big international scientific and diving research event in a very special place! You will have the opportunity to learn about the most recent advances in recreational diving research , directly from the leading international scientists and researchers.
A selected group of divers will also be trained as DAN Research Specialists, who will be able to operate through the DAN Europe Diving Safety Laboratory and organise research dives in their region.

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to become a Research Diver and experience a dive in one of the most peculiar and unique "warm-water" diving sites in continental Europe!
Participation in the lectures and certification as Research Diver are free of charge!
Consider this and keep your April 7-8, 2007 weekend free for this event!

Very shortly DAN Europe will be circulating more detailed information and the complete program of the event! Stay Tuned!


Tad said...

do you know what the criteria is for selection Chris

Chris-P said...

Hi Tad, I think they want divers who can sign-up and commit without hestitation.