14 February 2007

Wraysbury Diving Sunday 25th February

For the hardy souls that have expressed an interest in Diving at Wraysbury on Sunday 25th.
The gates open at 9.ooam but car parking can be a bit restrictive depending on how busy the site is.

Cost is £6 per day and airfills are available on site

Directions available at www.wraysbury.ws or tel 01784-488007

would anyone like to suggest a meeting time? I thought around 10.30 am

Water temperature is approx 5-6.C mmmmm



Chris-P said...

Water was cool in Taba too, 21 degrees !

Jimbob said...

10:30 It is then.
See you there.

Chris-P said...

You might if you don't stir up the bottom!

Jimbob said...

Yes alright, you've been to Egypt it was warm, clear and exotic and we're going to Wraysbury which is cold, muddy and conveniently situated between junctions 13 and 14 of the M25. We get the message!
You'll be sorry though when we get free ice diving thrown in.

Simon-T said...

Sorry chaps, I can't make it now. I am going to Horsea on Saturday though. Hope you all have a good dive.

Chris-P said...


I have posted your Horsea plan , who knows you may get someone to tag along!

Tad said...

I am definately going to wraysbury
it would be really good if someone is going to come with me.

Simon-T said...

Tad, didn't mean to distract anyone from your Wraysbury trip. I would love to go, but can't on Sunday, I hope it goes well and that you do another one where I can hopefully join in.

Jimbob said...

I'm going to be there Tad. Bit worried about my car though, it's refusing to work before 11am. But fingers crossed I will be there.
Matt C too.

Rev said...

ahoy. here be a brief dive report on our Wraysbury trip. I'll try and post it directly to this blog if i can find that old invite from ChrisP