11 February 2007

Clearance Diver course photos

Hello all,
For those of you interested, here are a few photos from my old course;

Horsea Lake.

The lads, note switchblock on BCD used to select bailout cylinder.

Diving with SABA Mod. 1, black device attached to mask is a cylinder pressure sensor, activated at 50 bar

Beginning hull search.

Found a limpet mine.

Safe diving, see you all beneath the waves!


Chris-P said...


If you want to really fit-in there you had better get yourself a set of those black oblong shades that most of the other guys are wearing!

Chris-P said...

Reckon the diver on the right in the SABA kit image is gonna get a bit of wet face or bubbly time - his mask is seated on top of his hood!