23 February 2007

Diving World ~ A Roller Coaster Time

It's all happening this year. One of our founding blog members has sent me a news story about Dr Jules Eden (Dive Doctor ) being suspended by the General Medical Council for a 'cavalier attitude' . Oooops! The GMC is not known for knee-jerk or ill-considered actions, another space to watch. Dr Jules worked with the London Diving Chamber, no , it's NOT the one we use, we visit London Hyperbaric Medicine.




Guy said...

Hi Chris, can i sign up please.
See you at work.

Chris-P said...

Of course! Invites sent to you !

Rev said...

Dr Eden treated me at the London Hyperbaric, for what turned out to be a non-bend (phew). I thought he was a nice enough bloke. Shame about this e-med business...

Chris-P said...

For the record, Dr Jules Eden operated at the LONDON DIVING CHAMBER (though he does not now seem to appear on their website page listing their team).

LONDON HYPERBARIC MEDICINE is a different chamber / outfit.