28 February 2007

Meridian Divers Meeting of 28th Feb 2007

The meeting was held in the Berwick Inn and 12 divers were present, new 'member' Ken P was welcomed. The meeting discussed the dive trip research that had been undertaken since the last meeting . A summary of the trip planning research will be circulated as soon as possible, it is hoped that from the summary a smaller selection of destinations will be identified for trips.

Sheila will produce full minutes for later circulation. Drinks & snacks were quaffed as usual and fingers were crossed for an active season. Alan has taken over the role of gathering equipment for servicing by Ocean View at Lancing, he left at the end of the evening with a car loaded with dive kit! Thanks Alan !


Tad said...

Bloody hell that was quick mate.
Thanks for the Marmite and cheese thingy scrumptious.

Chris-P said...

Don't hang around here you know! Glad to see you're keeping up with the blog news!

Chris-P said...

Notes of meeting circulated 4/3/07 - Thanks Shiela!