07 February 2007

Wraysbury Diving

As mentioned at the last group meeting I am planning a trip tp Wraysbury towards the end of the month.

Anyone interested please could you let me know the prefered date. I was thinking of a Sunday as most people are free.

Who knows if this weather continues it could turn into an ice dive. Anyhow the water will be warmer than the air temperature.

I will be taking my Aga Divator full face mask ( see picture above) anyone who would like to give it a go will be more than welcome.



Jimbob said...

Hello Tad.
I'm up for Wraysbury. The DIVERse event is on Sunday the 18th of Feb. So I could only make the 25th. Not sure if that's any good to you.
Nice mask!

Simon-T said...

Hello Darth.
Yep, I could make the 25th too. I've got a nice new dry-suit to try out. Haven't been in one since you did my dry suit course!

Andy C said...

Nice mask Tad! Enjoy Wraysbury, I recommend the chips.

Diving Diva said...

Stop showing off your helmet!!You've nothing to boast about!! He He !!
Debs and diving diva xx

Chris-P said...

Does my mask look big in this?