28 February 2007

Tad Answers Members Questions at PADI Forum

Intsructor Development Course Staff Instructor Tad impressed his colleagues by answering members questions at the PADI Members Forum at Croydon on 22nd February. Shame he didn't take his jacket off though , then all would have seen the Meridian Divers emblem on his shirt. He might know his diving but we will have to work on his marketing skills.

Well done Tad!


MattC said...

hey where can we score some of these t-shirts?

Chris-P said...


Tad has been commissioned THIS evening to get some shirts for the rest of us!


Tad said...

will be checking suppliers etc for costs As I had no competion does this mean I get a free one?

Tad said...

What was the question again?

Chris-P said...

Tad, if the supplier will give you a free one that would be great!