28 February 2007

Wraysbury Water-Voles Sighted

Wraysbury is a miniature lake (or large pond) just off Junction 13 of the M25. But the glamour doesn't stop there. Underwater sights include containers, taxis, a blue boat, silt, fresh-water mussels and clams, and parts of trees. Surely no Red Sea resort can boast similar attractions?

For 32 whole minutes on Sunday 25th February this body of fresh water was also host to a curious-looking three-bodied, three-headed diver (see picture). King Tad of the North was flanked by Jim and Matt, eager to protect him from the on-rushing schools of lake-friggles. A sunken river-boat was the main non-silt-based highlight. Its head was admired but not used, even though it was far cleaner than the porta-loos being used by desperate waddling divers, top-side.
  • Hero of the half-hour: Jim, who used inch-perfect navigation to return the trio back to their launch platform. Or a few feet to the right of it.

  • Special guest star: a fat swan, sporting a heavy, black-footed limp as it lurched over the gravel and launched itself onto the water.

  • Special mention: Heathrow airport, for providing the aerial display of unsettlingly huge jets a mere 1000 feet above.

  • Dive stats: 6 quid a head, cheap sausage sarnies, plenty of tea and cheesy chips on tap*, a mini-dive-shop on site, and the occasional cantankerous swan. Average depth: 7m. Drive time to site: 90 minutes. Dive time at site: 30 minutes. Faff time before and after: 200,831 minutes.

* Part of our surface cover team demanding supplies


Chris-P said...

Nice report Matt! Looks like the dive support team junior is trying out a 'hold-up' of the bacon butty store!

Tad said...

Theres a caption competition here somewhere

"oi Fat arse get outa the way I want some meat pal and I want it now"

Tad said...

Caption number 2.

"oi dad that dude only has 3 fingers weird"

Tad said...

"Oi Cobber dont Marsupials have their pouches on their tummies"

Tad said...

"your Bum looks big in that,mate"

Chris-P said...

Never mind the size of bottoms! Have you read the dive trip proposals email?