28 February 2007

Where's The Air ?

Getting gas - starting a list for local public supply :-

Ocean View Diving - South Street, Lancing
Air & Nitrox
Air fills - £2.50 (offer a 6 fills for the cost of five where a pre-paid card is used).

Iles World of Diving - Ferry Road , Shoreham
Air Only
3 litre pony - £2.00
7, 10, 12 & 15 litre - £3.00

Wittering Divers - Portland Road , Hove
Air & Nitrox

Add comments with any others!


Tad said...

As I am now living just outside Maidstone for the next year there is a handy dive shop Blue Ocean diving nearby so on my weekly visits I am quite willing to take tanks there to be filled if the situation gets desperate. I would much rather support something more local though Watch this space.

Chris-P said...


Chris Douch said...

Mike's Waterfront Warehouse in East Grinstead does good fills, nitrox & 02 pony bottle fill.

and also there is a dive centre in Tonbridge