13 February 2007

Once A Diver Always A Diver ~ Taba Egypt

Once a Diver , always a Diver, at least I think that was what my instructor said! And as Leopards don't change their spots I thought I'd give it another go!

Just back from a week at Taba, Egypt. Taba is in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, near the border with Israel. From Taba you can easily see Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I managed to tuck-in six dives with a Dive Centre that serves the area "Red Sea Waterworld" . It was hardly their peak seaon which meant they took out a full sized day boat with only three divers on board! Despite so few day boat divers they were happy to take the boat up the coast to Fara'un Island , a small fortfied island with some nice dives off it's shores. The watchers became the watched as a submarine like glass-bottomed boated glided above us..

The dive guides were able to give a more personal service than may have been the case in busier times of year and I averaged 52mins per dive, with max depths ranging from 18m to 29m.

Very nice casual break with some good diving but with sites not as spectacular as those seen in Marsa Alam .


Jimbob said...

Nice pictures, sounds like a good trip.

Chris-P said...

Shouldn't you be hard at work Jim? Still if you are dishing out compliments don't let me get in your way!