07 October 2008

West Sussex Archive Society Talk ~ Saturday 11th October

Meridian Divers have been asked to give a talk on The T.R.Thompson project at its annual conference this Saturday.
The conference has a Maritime theme and the day will consist of talks about

Lost ships found a talk by Ian Friel, writer and naval historian, with examples of Sussex wrecks and projects , illustrated by slides.

Diving into History a talk by Ian Barefoot, he will explore the joint initiative with The ‘Heritage Lottery Fund’ and the Nautical Archaeology Society, bringing Maritime heritage to life.
1-2pm Lunch. There are plenty of places to eat near to the office, and in the town.
The afternoon session begins at 2pm with

West Sussex Settlements Lost To The Sea, a talk by John Mills, looking at settlements and ports of West Sussex that have been inundated by the sea.

Adopt a wreck project a talk by Tad Taberer who dives with a group of divers who are passionate about shipwrecks. Tad will talk about why they dive shipwrecks and their joint project with the Nautical Archaelogical Society on the wreck of the SS T.R. Thompson. Includes video clips and photos of diving on the wreck of the Thompson.

The conference will be all day and will cost you £10 and include light refreshments

If you are interested in going as it should be an interesting day let me know asap as they need to know numbers.

The venue is

3 Orchard Street
West Sussex
PO19 1DD


Chris-P said...

And £10 well invested I would say! Better than putting your money in a bank!

I am hoping to become Tad's agent for his after-dinner-speaker tour! Just 15% plus expenses Tad!

Tad said...

does that mean your coming along then?

Jimbob said...

God luck Tad, hope it goes well.
I'm diving on the 11th so can't make it, sorry.

Tad said...

thanks Jim sort of wish I was now didnt realiser how hard it was going to be writing a presentation that will last for around an hour without sounding a prat. Going to show some video so that should take up some time. By the way I saw you in the Narvik video what a cracking video that is lucky git.

Chris-P said...

An hour not sounding like a prat - good luck , I've never managed more than a few minutes!

Chris-P said...

Tad reports this will be a 40 slide epic. That's a LOT of slides! Good luck with the presentation Tad! Make sure that you are not the first speaker after lunch!