01 October 2008

Red Sea Trip ~ 2nd April - 9th April ~ Update

As you all know by now (I hope) due to the demise of Excel we are now flying with Monarch on the 2nd April 2009 (and not the 4th). Their luggage allowance is 20 kg plus an extra 5 kg diving allowance. Additional allowance can be purchased 90 days prior to departure.

As we are now travelling 2 days earlier, and thus missing Good Friday, I tried to get a reduction in the cost but to no avail. I have managed to get an extension to 21st October for payment of deposits. So those of you that are umming and ahring you have more time to make your mind up and get your deposit paid.

If you have not already registered your interest and would like to join us or would like more information please put a comment on the blog.


Tracey said...

Just to confirm, me & darren have checked with work committments & are ok with dates

sean g said...

the dates are good for me,some thing good to look forward next year

matt said...

ohhh who`s Darren?
i`ll pass round the info at OV tonight

matt said...

looking at this post again it could be read in many ways what i mean`t was i`ll give the trip info out at the club which i would have done but Tracy turned my masterpiece into mush!