22 October 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wed 29th October

The next Meridian Divers Meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn, Berwick at 7.30pm on Wednesday 29th October 2008. An agenda will be circulated by email. Please add a comment if you do not receive a copy within three days.

The MD Christmas Dinner & Recompression Chamber Visit will be amongst the items discussed.


Simon-T said...

Anybody got any dive related books, written not picture, that they would like to swap? I have The Last Diver by Bernie Chowdhury, The Fireside Diver an anthology of short stories and Dark descent by Kevin McMurray. Amazon will tell you all about them.
I'll bring them to the meeting. Cheers

Chris-P said...

You won't have time for books now ...get that kit sorted and make some tea!