08 October 2008

Red Sea Trip ~ 2nd-9th April 2009 Update

Just a reminder that deposits are needed by 21st October 2008 to secure a place on the boat.

After that date Tony Backhurst will take back the spaces and fill them.

Spaces so far booked are:-
1. Chris
2. Mandy
3. Paul
4. Tracey
5. Sean
6. Linda
7. Simon
8. Steve
9. Ernie
10. Sheila
11. Anna
12. Imogen
13. Matt
14. Terry
15. Gary
16. Therese


matt said...

cheque coming don`t leave without me!

Anna said...

Imogen and I are also coming so don't leave home wihout us! I am paying the deposit today hooray!!

sheilab said...

Welcome on board Anna, looking forward to seeing Imogen's deposit paid.

Good work Matt.

sheilab said...

Welcome on board Imogen and Matt.

Looks like we're going for a full house or should I say boat.

Imogen said...

Is it nearly April yet....I hope anna's and my room is sound proofed...otherwise the cackling laughter will be heard as far as Saudi!!!

sheilab said...

Welcome on board Terry. Looks like it's going to be good mixed group. Let's hope we can fill the remaining places so we can have the boat to ourselves.

Gary S said...

I have paid my deposit over the phone today.

sheilab said...


Welcome on board. You deserve it after the week you have had.

sheilab said...

Welcome back on board Therese