11 October 2008

Fortuna & Seazones

Just a short note of thanks to the guys on Seazones today for making it a cracking dive, and you made the right choice in not doing the drift , I managed 12 mins before loosing Matt and surfacing . Hope you get as good a day tomorrow Jim.


Jimbob said...

Thanks for a cracking dive, really enjoyed it. Sorry to have left you to it for the second one, managed to get there in time for a fill though. Hope to see you soon.

sheilab said...

Glad you enjoyed it Chris. Hope to see you soon. Keep watching the blog.

Tad said...

so jealous

Mind you I was busy spreading the word to a non diving group of archivists in chichester which was pretty good fun too although showing the blod vids isnt quite the same as being down there. Any pics whos doing the write up

Jimbob said...

Hope the talk went well.
Looking forward to hearing all about it.