13 October 2008

Three Divers (Don't All) Suffer the Bends in Separate Incidents

Three divers were picked up on Saturday 11th October by the Lee-on-Solent based Coastguard helicopter in two separate incidents, when the divers began complaining of signs associated with decompression sickness.

Full story on the MCA website click HERE

Meridian Divers wish a speedy recovery to all those divers involved.

[Update - Good news, two of the three didn't get bent! False alarm -good intent!]


Tad said...

not nice to happen to anyone good to see that the boat crews were on the ball and dealt with the incidents in a professional manner well done. Best wishes to those involved and echo the post comment for a speedy recovery

sheilab said...

Ernie & Sheila would like to reiterate what Tad has said. As we know from experience a professionally trained crew and the excellent coastguard/RNLI service can make all the difference to a happy outcome.

Chris-P said...

It's apparently (according to various 'anons') good news - no injury / illness in respect of the pair of divers. No details on why there was a rapid ascent but I'm aware that not everyone involved in rescue work is a diver and I've seen other reports quoting 'rapid ascents' which have been wrong!

Gary S said...

Glad to hear they are OK.
Must have been somthing in the air that weekend.
I had a rapid accent on Sunday from 20 meters after my dry suit dump valve failed to work and spent 6 hours in the London Dive chamber on Monday.

Chris-P said...

Whoa! Gary there must be something catching! I'm thinking about cancelling the Recompression Cahmber Trip .... looks as though everyone is getting there under their own steam! Only fooling, if anything Chamber awareness seems even more appropriate right now! Glad to hear that you too are OK! Where were you diving?

Gary S said...

I was diving in Swanage on the Kyarra. The chamber awareness course should be made compulsory to all new divers.

I will certainly view my dives in a different way from now on.
I have to go back tomorrow for a 2 hour re-treat after that I should be 100% and back diving soon.

sheilab said...

Glad to hear you are O.K. Gary. Hope second recompression goes to plan.
Sheila & Ernie

Chris-P said...

Gary, I think you are right more DCI / Chamber awareness for divers is a good thing! I'll check with London Hyperbaric that you will have no probs on the 9/11 planned Chamber visit! They like to look at case studies !!!!