28 October 2008

PADI/SITA Seminar Bristol

for all those that are DM or above you maybe intersted in this
Could be worth sending an MD contigent along. Maybe you planning on becoming a DM and would like to come along (Simon)

If you're planning your diary for 2009 make Monday 9th February a date to come to Bristol for this annual industry seminar.
It's an opportunity to mingle with industry colleagues, and hear presentations on topics affecting our market from other industry stakeholders.
There's also an industry dinner where you can let your hair down after a good day's networking.


post a comment if interested


Anna said...

Hey tad, was umming and ahhing over that one as I am already accused as you know of wearing PADI pants and that would be the fianlly amunition that they need! Joking aside I think I may well put in an appearence keeping up with the times is always useful. By the way why isn't your name down on the red sea trip yet? See you later this evening.

Tad said...

Hi Anna
credit crunch mortgage hikes etc are preventing me committing at this stage as much as I really want to go trying desperately to see how I can do it.

Probabl;y will go myself to Bristol as it meets one of the requirments (I think) to get to my MI ticket see you later

Steve L said...

Pants I knew you had the t-shirt but pants as well that's to far!!! Only joking Anna PADI could do with more saftey concious instructors like yourself.

Anna said...

Thanks Steve nice to hear that

Chris-P said...

There you go Tad, another reason to get out to the Red Sea - part of your MI plan!

Anna said...

Tad I think Chris mentioned something about paying for you to go to the red sea, the only catch was something about voting for a certain photo that he has taken,hmmm. not sure what that is all about!!!

Tad said...

Free Red Sea Trip I cant be bribed that easy Anna I have priciples and a moral obligation to all Blog readers and Md'ers to keep my nuetrality I will not be swayed.
Well maybe I could be !!