13 October 2008

Fortuna Foursome

It was a dark misty morning when four of Meridian divers finest dragged their weary bones to Newhaven Marina. As the sun rose Seazones was loaded with our gear in anticipation of a good days diving. On reaching the site we found Brighton Diver had already shotted the wreck. Our team of Jim, Chris, Therese and Ernie descended the shot first, leaving members of Crawley BSAC to follow.
On reaching the wreck we found the shot line had taken us directly on to the big holds with bags of cement all neatly laid out where they had been placed 90 years before.
The viz was excellent, at least 4 metres. As we drifted over the cement bags we found a very large conger and lobsters in various nooks and crannies. We swept over and around the stern finding another four congers as we went. The shoals of fish were so prolific you could not see through them. We made our way forward to reach the bows and back to the holds with the cement bags.
All too quickly our time was up and we had to start making our ascent. Back on board Seazones we were, as usual, very well looked after by the skipper Mick and indulged in his famous scones.
Jim, Therese and Ernie decided to duck out of the second dive, so new MD Chris Adams buddied with a member of Crawley BSAC.
Sorry no pictures, someone didn't bring their camera !
All in all a very good dive.


Tad said...

loos like its a camera for you from santa then Ernie

Chris-P said...

That's if you dare sit on his lap in his grotto Ernie. Oh, and Tad, take off the false white beard , you're fooling no-one!

Nation of wimps ... you won't find me opting out of second dives unless of course it's all so terribly tiring!

Tad said...

yo ho ho

Chris-P said...

Now I'm REALLY terrified, with a bottle of rum you are the only pirate in the village wearing a red suit with white fur trim and black boots! Now I see where the idea of running up the Jolly Roger originates from!

sheilab said...

I get a hint every time we go into Ocean View. If I got him one it would not be a surprise!

Anna said...

tad - wearing the attire that has been mentioned by Chris I am sure that you would definitely be 'the only gay in that village!'

Simon-T said...

Well done chaps. Hope you've saved some viz for me for Sunday. I'm off for my first UK dive for 3 weeks. Just a gentle bimble on the Indiana.

Tad said...

you dont have to be gay to enjoy dreaaing up like that miss. most of our flock dress in rubber and parade around in strange harnesses and masks most weekends and are you calling all of them gay