01 October 2008

NAS Conference 2008 ~ Meridian Divers Delegation

As per the post re the conference (below , see NAS link) . It now looks as though a Meridian Divers delegation is intent on taking part.

Those indicating an intention to attend are as follows:-
1. Chris-P
2. Sue
3. Sheila
4. Tad
5. Nikki

The intended visit will be on Saturday 8th November . There is an option to stay overnight . This presents a problem for those originally intending to visit the Recompression Chamber on Sun 9th November and this has now (almost) been resolved by the Chamber places now (almost) being taken by others!

The WWW url on the NAS link (below) provides more detail regarding the conference. If you are interested in attending the NAS Conference add a comment or let me know.

1 comment:

Tad said...

can you add Nikki Chris