21 October 2008

Red Sea Trip 2/4/08-9/4/09 - Update

I have managed to get an extension to 20th November 2008, for deposits for the Red Sea Trip. So if you are interested or want any further information please post a comment.
The following are already booked on the trip.

1. Chris
2. Terry
3. Mandy
4. Paul
5. Linda
6. Simon
7. Ernie
8. Sheila
9. Therese
10. Tracey
11. Sean
12. Gary

[Updated 9/2/09]


Anna said...

Are there any spaces left?

sheilab said...


Yes there are 3 and maybe 4
If you know of anyone who is interested please ask them to quote TRP-10668-27587 when they ring. Phone No. is 0800 0728221

Chris-P said...

Getting quite a long list - obviously some divers have heard of Meridian Divers!

Tad said...

who are they?