07 October 2008

MD Photo Competition 2008

Another reminder !! Get your entries posted on the blog , the awards will be made at the MD Christmas Dinner on 17th December. If they aren't on the blog they won't be judged! Don't hang around as voting may take place at the November MD Meeting (to be confirmed!!). If you already have an entry on the blog and it doesn't have the 'Photo Competition 2008' label attached (as per this posting) let me know!


Simon-T said...

I've actually taken a few pictures using my sons underwater camera thingy. Is there a wooden fin prize for "the worst effort"? If so how do I blogerize it from my puncuter, pretty please?

Chris-P said...

Simon, I can help you ... but only to put poor photos on the blog! (Don't want too much competition!!!) Advice probably best done 'off comment' (too long!)

Simon-T said...

Don't worry they're not winners. Thanks for the offer Chris, I'll give you a call over the weekend. Cheers, Simon.